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Content Marketing Strategies That Work

How to Make Money With PLR Rebranding

If you’re like many new online marketers, you’re having a hard time finding a niche for your site, and you’re falling short on great content. It’s possible to hit a dry spell, and it happens to even the best bloggers. PLR products can break the spell, though. Also known as private label rights, these products often come with master resale rights which means you can put your own brand on them. You’ll find PLR in the form of software, articles, web templates and videos.

Below, you’ll find several ways to make money with internet marketing:

Build a website: Today’s PLR is so great that you can build an entire site with the content from just one book. Simply find a good eBook in your chosen niche and read it. As you progress, you’ll find lots of great ideas upon which you can base your content. Since it’s PLR, you can simply copy and paste, but it’s best to tweak things a little before posting the content on your affiliate site or blog.

Just make sure you’re collecting leads from your site by having an exit popup which captures leads to your email marketing tool. Ensure your using one of the best email autoresponders and offer a high value freebie as a special “bribe” to get someone to sign-up to your email list.

You also want to be monetizing your website with affiliate offers, as well as your email marketing autoresponder series. So that your website and emails are a source of passive income for you. There a lot more involved here, and the best way to integrate affiliate marketing with your website is to join one of the best affiliate marketing training courses like affilorama and learn while implementing into your business.

Put together an eBook: Most master resale rights packages allow the buyer to rebrand the content and sell it as their own. However, you should tread carefully here. Make some minor changes to the book to make it your own. Not only will you make more money, but you’ll learn how to become a better writer. When you’re offering your ebook for sale, make sure you setup a sales funnel which consists of a front end and upsell. This will require you to create a high converting sales page for both the front end deal and upsell. You can use one of the best wordpress landing page plugins like OptimizePress 2.0 which simplifies the process and comes with lots of templates to make your life easier when setting up your funnel.

Do some article marketing: Articles gathered from a PLR store may be used as promotional tools for your website. Post these articles on directories, or share them on sites that allow you to post a link back to your site. Article marketing saves an enormous amount of time in content creation, but you should still make changes to set your content apart from everyone else who has purchased it already. Marketing your content online is of utmost importance as it increases your brand awareness, helps your gain for traffic and can increase your search engine rankings. One of the big problems for most marketers is SHORTAGE OF TIME. Luckily, there’s many marketing agencies that will be able to help you market your brand online at a fee. Hiring a company is easy and painless if you visit a internet marketing reviews site, find recent SEO service reviews, and choose a company or service with high user ratings.

Offer value to readers: As site owners and bloggers, we always try to give our subscribers something of value. Content from a PLR pack can be broken into chunks and used to start an email series, but this only works on genuinely useful content.

Do a promotional giveaway. Some master resale and PLR products allow users to freely distribute the content. Some site owners have created contests to give away eBooks and video series, but some marketers give these products as bonuses—which is a tremendous value-added proposition. Most PLR products are cheap, coming in at less than $10 each.

Where PLR content is concerned, it’s about more than just articles. Other products like site templates, turn-key sites, videos and eBooks can all be used to increase your income and your credibility as an expert in your niche. Learning how to rebrand PLR has helped me know more about lots of topics, and it’s helped me make a nice income. It can do the same for you, too!